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Strong Leadership Is All about Trust

Jack and Suzy Welch are one of the business world’s iconic power couples: He was the longtime CEO of GE. She was a business journalist and served as editor of the Harvard Business Review. Together, they wrote the bestseller Winning.

Listen to the full interview above, and read an edited transcript of the conversation below. I enjoy books talking about how people can really get a handle wholesale jerseys from china on their lives, and that seems to be a lot of what you guys talked about.

Suzy Welch: Well, the book has three parts. The first part is about winning the game winning at strategy, and figuring out how to get your company aligned. The second part of the book is about building a great team we call it a “WOW Team” taking into account all the different types of managers, all the types of employees that exist in the world today. And the third part is all about growing a great career. And that’s hard these days. I mean, it’s [getting] harder and harder. So, you’re right, we do cover the real life aspects of working and coming at it from three different angles. What’s the biggest mistake you think companies are making today?

Jack Welch: Well, it’s tough out there. And the big deal out cheap jerseys there is engagement. Are employees being engaged? So, from two standpoints, this book tries to deal with the employee how they can become more engaged? And the manager how they can get the employee more engaged? Gallup just came out with this month’s poll, [and it’s] pretty consistent with the last three or four years wholesale nhl jerseys since the recession: Only 35% of the people polled feel they’re engaged at work. Imagine going into a game with 65% of your team not turning on to play. It’s a big problem. You don’t want to lose them. You don’t want to have to spend all the time at HR and rehire people and fill slots and take all that time. It just drags down the company.

Suzy Welch: And yet at the same time, the people at work have seen their jobs pulled out from underneath them since the 2008 recession. They’ve just seen layoffs and down sizings. They’ve seen whole industries shut down because of fundamental technology changes. So, it’s true, companies do understand how valuable these great people are. But at the same time, individuals are saying, ‘I’m not going to be at any company forever. I’m my own brand. I’m my own business. And I’m going to go where the going’s good.’

Jack Welch: People want meaning in their work. They spend all their time at their work and they want to have purpose for it. And they want to know what’s in it for them. You mentioned in the new book that the process has been an unbelievable learning experience for you.

Jack Welch: We’ve talked to over a million people in the last 10 years at differing locations around the world. And over and over again, we see frustrated workforces. And we see lack of engagement. We don’t see an alignment between coming to work, winning, and having fun. And we try in this book to look at it from two sides: the manager’s side and the employee’s side. We give an angle to each one to try and enhance the life experience at work.

Suzy Welch: And just get the fun back in work. Because if work’s not fun, then 40 hours a week, you’re just slogging away? That stinks.

Suzy Welch: We call it more than that. We call it your area of destiny. We urge people to build their careers at that intersection of what they’re uniquely good at some people are good at a lot of things, but you are uniquely good at something and what you love to do. And if you can identify those two things and you can say, OK, what’s at the intersection of them, then you’re in your area of destiny. If you’re not working there, you’ve got to work your way towards there. Otherwise, it’s really a grind. Are people in general feeling a little bit better now than they did back in 2007?

Jack Welch: 2007, no. 2008, yes. And from the beginning to now, there’s a little better feeling. The problem is, that managers still are not transparent enough in today’s world.

So, when we ask people in an audience, “How many of you know where you stand, where do you fit in your company, where are you what’s your trajectory forecast to be?”, [the answer we get is]: I don’t know. And when asked to raise their hands in an audience of thousands, you don’t get 10% or 15% who say they know where they stand. They don’t. Unless an employee knows where they’re going, it’s a tough way to spend the day.

Suzy Welch: It stinks. And it happens just way too often. But that’s why it’s imperative for you as an individual to identify your area of destiny and to work there. And if you’re not in it, go find it and live in it. And that’s why it’s imperative for people who lead teams [whether the] team has three people, 30 people, 300,000 people, it doesn’t make any difference it’s your job as a leader to tell people where they stand so they know if they’re doing great or if they need to change in some ways or if they need to find other work. The fact that people sort of sleepwalk through their jobs is just criminal. I’m not sure what it was like back in your day, but could the CEOs , CFOs and such essentially hold themselves separate from the guts of the operation?

Jack Welch: No. No, no, no. It’s even more so today. I agree. But the winning companies back in those days, [the executives] had their hands dirty, were in there, were transparent, let everybody wholesale cheap nfl jerseys know where they stood. Every quarter I sat down and said, “Here’s what I like about what you’re doing. And here’s what you need to improve.” Little card, hand written, four times a year.

Jack Welch: We haven’t lost it. Technology has not done us a lot of favors in terms of socialization. It’s done a lot of favors in terms of speed and some other areas, but the human equation’s a little less.

Suzy Welch: And upwards of 35% or people work remotely now, [some or all of the time]. You used to sort of know where you stood. If your boss wasn’t telling you in a structured way, the way Jack suggests they do, you at least could pick up a little bit about how you were doing by seeing your boss every day [making] eye contact, [thinking about the] number of times you met and chatted. Now, everything’s email.

Jack Welch: Suzy, why don’t you talk a little bit about the chapter where we deal with the new workforce, for example? People are out there dealing with new types of work.Articles Connexes:

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